Over 30 years of returning patients
to play, to work, and to life.

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If you are in pain or have suffered a recent injury, we know what's on your mind: returning to play, returning to work, and returning to life as quickly as possible. At MORE Physical Therapy, Inc. we will help you do just that! Our innovative and personalized approach to rehabilitation combines manual therapy, injury-prevention education, and the active involvement of you, the patient.

Our highly qualified team of professionals includes physical therapists who are specialists in orthopedics, sports medicine, Active Release Techniques®, aquatic therapy, ergonomics and athletic training.

Along with physical therapy and aquatic therapy, we offer a variety of specialty programs to support your health and fitness goals.

We have multiple locations to serve you in the South Bay Area and Peninsula.

MORE Physical Therapy, Inc. returning patients to play, work and life since 1988!

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