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Golf for Life

In recent years, the sport of golf has evolved in many ways and golfers have turned towards improving their fitness level to help improve their performance. The sport of golf requires an optimal balance of flexibility, strength, power, and skill. Appropriately combining these characteristics can create a better golfer who may enjoy the game of a lifetime for a lifetime.

MORE Physical Therapy, Inc.'s, Golf for Life Program is designed to help you increase awareness of your body's unique construction and current limitations. It will teach you how to overcome those limitations and use your body in golf as effectively as possible so that you can improve your game and prevent injury. The program teaches specific exercises designed to improve all facets of your game. The evidence is clear that improved physical fitness as well as increased flexibility and strength yields better swing results.

The Golf for Life Program consists of 6 visits over a 3-month period. During each visit, we focus on on a particular aspect of your body as it relates to golf and build on what we accomplished during the previous visit.

The Golf for Life Program includes the following:

  • Examination and analysis of your body type, posture, flexibility, joint mobility, strength, and balance.
  • The design of an individualized flexibility program based on findings from the initial examination.
  • A strengthening program to focus on any areas of weakness as well as the specific muscle groups utilized during a golf swing.
  • Analysis of your swing using video recording in order to assess in detail your posture and body positioning throughout your swing.
  • A swing-power program to improve club head speed, balance, and control.

For more information about the Golf for Life Program, contact Ron Kaminski at (408) 248-6886 or mail@morephysicaltherapy.com .


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