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AlterG® Anti-gravity treadmill

The innovative AlterG® Anti-gravity treadmill, originally designed to provide effective exercise for NASA astronauts, has now been adapted for use in rehabilitation, fitness, and wellness programs. MORE Physical Therapy, Inc., is pleased to offer the AlterG as part of our patient treatment programs and to the general public for cross-training and general fitness.

Return to normal function ealier than ever before and with less pain. The AlterG is specifically designed for hip, knee, ankle or foot rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

  • Improve balance and gait.
  • Increase strength and conditioning.
  • Improve neuromuscular function and balance.

Continue to train while recovering from injury or maximize your performance.

  • Train longer with less wear and tear on muscles and joints.
  • Run faster with speed training.
  • Maintain fitness when injured.
  • Continue running or walking when injuries might ordinarily limit weight-bearing.

Seniors and those looking to improve their level of fitness
Exercise safely and without pain.

  • Walk or run safely with no fear of falling.
  • Walk without joint pain in an un-weighted
  • Control or lose weight.
  • Improve balance and strength.

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