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We tend to think of running as something that comes naturally. But many runners have poor running form. They run in a way that puts added stress on joints, bones, ligaments, tendons, or muscles. Poor running form is not only inefficient; it is a known cause of patellar pain, ITB syndrome, shin splints, Achilles tendon pain, plantar fasciitis, and hip pain. Poor running form can also inhibit recovery from these and other injuries.RunningMORE

Do you experience pain when you run? Are you a runner who is plagued by chronic injuries? If so, less-than-ideal running form or improper training may be contributing to your problems. The solution may be a running evaluation
with one of our experienced clinical therapists.

We carefully analyze your running form by capturing it on video and then observing your movements and posture in slow motion. We combine this analysis with a strength, flexibility, and movement assessment, and then use the results to develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses your running form and the musculoskeletal imbalances that contribute to improper mechanics. If needed, we can provide ongoing training with
real-time visual feedback to help you transition successfully to an improved running form.

Consider a running evaluation if you are

  • experiencing pain while running
  • plagued by chronic injuries
  • returning to a sport after surgery
  • initiating a running program
  • interested in reducing your injury risk


Fees for wellness services:

  • Evaluation (2 hours, including video running
    analysis, musculoskeletal evaluation, and
    treatment plan): $300
  • Ongoing training: $100 per hour
  • Injury consultations: $45

Injury-related services may be covered by insurance.

For more information on RunningMORE, or to schedule an appointment, email Marci Stevenson at
run@morephysicaltherapy.com or phone 408.356-2800.

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