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Physical Therapists Provide Commentary on Hamstring Injuries

Physical Therapy in San Jose, Los Gatos, Foster City and Burlingame for Hamstring Are you an athlete who has suffered a hamstring injury? MORE Physical Therapy can provide hamstring assessments of the stage of your injury and specific rehabilitation programs for healing, prevention and preparation for returning to activity.

Treatment Decisions for Uncommon Hamstring Rupture in Athletes

Nothing is more frustrating for a professional athlete than an injury -- especially one that doesn't heal. Knowing when to have surgery right away and when to treat the problem conservatively (without surgery) can be a real challenge. That's the case with tendon ruptures such as the hamstrings.In this study, orthopedic surgeons involved with 25 professional athletes who had a complete rupture of the distal semitendinosus muscle report the treatment results. The semitendinosus is one of three mai...

Seven Athletes With Posterior Thigh Pain

Athletes of all kinds can develop pain along the back of the thigh from a hamstring injury. But in this report, seven athletes with posterior thigh pain from an unusual hamstring injury tear are featured.The hamstring muscle is divided into four parts: the semimembranosus, semitendinosis, biceps femoris, and gracilis. It is the isolated gracilis muscle injury that makes these seven athletes unusual. Posterior thigh strains affecting the biceps femoris are much more common. In fact, this is the f...

Surgery Needed for a Complete Rupture of the Hamstrings Muscle

Athletes involved in all sorts of activities can suffer a complete tear of the hamstring muscle. The hamstring is the large muscle along the back of the thigh. It goes from the pelvis down to the knee. In this report, falls, waterskiing, running or sprinting, soccer, football, hockey, in-line skating, dancing, tennis, and wrestling were reported as the events linked with hamstring injuries.There were 23 cases of proximal hamstring rupture in this study. Proximal refers to the place where the mus...

Getting Back to Sports After a Hamstring Injury

Here's something running backs, wide receivers, rugby players, and ballet dancers have in common: hamstring strains. In fact, acute hamstring strains may be the second most common injury among this group. Only knee injuries top hamstring-related injuries for taking a player or dancer out of commission.Given the high rate of hamstring injuries, there is a great deal of interest among sports Physical Therapists in helping these athletes rehabilitate and return to their sport or performance. In ord...

Favorable Results of Proximal Hamstring Repairs

Whether you have a partially or completely new or old tear of the proximal hamstring muscle, the results of this study will be of interest. The injury may have come from a sporting activity or blunt trauma. Either way you will be wondering: should I have surgery to reattach or repair the problem? How soon should I have the surgery? Does it matter? Will the results be the same compared with letting it heal on its own?Twenty-six men and 26 women with proximal hamstring avulsion (tears) were includ...
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