» Back Pain: It Doesn't Just Affect the Spine

Back Pain: It Doesn't Just Affect the Spine

Back Pain: It Doesn't Just Affect the Spine

Standing up and sitting down are important movements in our everyday lives. In this study, researchers show that hip and spine motion needed for these activities are affected by low back pain (LBP).

Using a 3-D, real-time tracking device hip and spine motion was recorded for subjects in three groups. Sit-to-stand and stand-to-sit were the main activities studied.

Able-bodied adults with no back pain were in group one. Group two was made up of subjects with back pain only. Group three had back pain and pain down the leg when the leg was lifted up while lying on the back (positive straight leg raise or SLR).

The authors report signicant changes in the way the spine and hips work in subjects with back pain. Coordination was off even more for people with a positive SLR.

This study showed that people with LBP have less motion and slower speed of spinal motion. They also have altered coordination of movements between joints. Rehab should include exercises to restore the coordination between the spine and hips in patients with LBP.

Gary L. K. Shum, BSc, et al. Effect of Low Back Pain on the Kinematics and Joint Coordination of the Lumbar Spine and Hip During Sit-to-Stand and Stand-to-Sit. In Spine. September 1, 2005. Vol. 30. No. 17. Pp. 1998-2004.

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