Preserve the Quality and Affordability of Your Care

Blue Cross is cancelling its long-standing contract with all Preferred physical therapy providers in California effective January 31, 2010. In place of the existing contract, Blue Cross is offering a new contractual arrangement that dramatically changes reimbursement methods and thus significantly impacts both providers and patients.

The new reimbursement rate and contractual limitations Blue Cross is now offering to California physical therapists will force them to choose between two unfavorable options if they want to remain in business. If they remain preferred providers, they will have to implement shorter treatment times, hire less-qualified personnel, utilize lesser-skilled assistants to provide some of their services, and provide fewer treatment options that require state-of-the-art equipment or supplies--all of which will affect the health of patients by resulting in poorer outcomes, longer treatment durations, and greater need for other costly interventions such as surgery and medication. If they become non-participating providers, they will have to pass on the increased costs to their patients. The end result for patients is either dramatically increased out-of-pocket expenses for physical therapy treatment (over and above the ever-increasing premium cost) or less effective treatment, or both.

Blue Cross is not the only insurer changing its reimbursement methodologies and provider contracts. Blue Cross's recent actions are just the most recent and dramatic examples of an industry-wide trend whittling away at both the quality of care and the ability of physical therapists to stay in business.

Help preserve the quality and affordability of your care. Join us in our efforts to reverse these insurance company policies. Here's what you can do:

  • Write or email Blue Cross representatives and make your concerns known. Use the sample letter or write your own. Names and addresses are provided in Who to Contact.
  • Write, call, or email California state insurance officials and express your concerns. Contact information is provided in Who to Contact.
  • Contact members of Congress using the easy email forms provided by PTPN (enter your zip code in the box to the left and click GO).

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